Miriam Nash & Wayne Holloway-Smith on Radio 4

Miriam Nash & Wayne Holloway-Smith on Radio 4


Blast: Papa Waltz, BBC Radio 4, Monday 24 July 2017, 11pm

Wayne Holloway-Smith and Miriam Nash were interviewed together about their debut Bloodaxe collections and the influence of their families on their work for the second episode of Daljit Nagra’s new late-night Radio 4 poetry series Blast

Miriam read her poem ‘Love Song for My Mother and Father, 20 Years Divorced’ from All the Prayers in the House, and Wayne read ‘Short’, the final poem in Alarum, which has just won the the Poetry Society’s 2016 Geoffrey Dearmer Prize for the best poem in The Poetry Review during 2016.

‘Wayne Holloway-Smith on failing to lift heavy objects on his dad's building site. Miriam Nash on growing up across two houses and the difficulty of saying where you're 'from'.’

Raymond Antrobus is one of the poets included in the forthcoming anthology TEN poets of the new generation, which is published by Bloodaxe/The Complete Works on 28 September 2107.  He was also interviewed on this edition of Blast, and also spoke about trying to come to terms with losing his father.  He read his poems ‘His Heart’ and ‘Bottomless (Sequence)’ from his pamphlet To Sweeten Bitter.

Blast is available for 30 days after broadcast.  Miriam & Wayne 1st item.  Raymond Antrobus: from 14.08: click here to listen

Miriam & Wayne's interview was posted as a separate 7-minute clip on 2 August.  Available until 1 September 2017.

Click here to listen

[03 August 2017]

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