Kerry Hardie

Selected Poems

Kerry Hardie

Publication Date : 24 Feb 2011

ISBN: 9781852248901

Pages: 65
Size :216 x 138mm
Rights: World

Kerry Hardie is one of Ireland’s leading poets. Her Selected Poems covers work written over two decades and draws on five collections.

Her poetry questions, celebrates and challenges all aspects of life and experience, but ultimately is concerned with the quiet realisation that ‘there is nothing to do in the world except live in it’.

A number of her poems are narratives or parables in which experience yields a spiritual lesson and consolation; others chart a coming to terms with death or illness and an acceptance of inevitability or flux. Human life quivers in consort with other lives in these seasons of the heart.

'Our trust reposes in such clear, open writing. Hardie’s later poems are barer, more strongly narrative, and sometimes read like parables and portraits at once… The poems speak to us from gardens as well as graveyards, from private homes as much as churches, and, most often, from the borders and boundaries that the poems speak so often and beautifully of breaching or attempting to breach' - John McAuliffe, The Irish Times.

‘Kerry Hardie writes about the here and now, the everyday and the ordinary in an authentic lyric voice. She speaks of God in our secular age without unease or embarrassment. This deeply spiritual book is deceptively immediate and it yields its mystery and depth in each rereading’ – Judges’ citation, Michael Hartnett Award for Poetry, 2005.

Eire & N. Ireland: Gallery Press



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